Jay Michaels Solo Harp Performances

Jay Michaels

Jay Michaels is a talented and well-respected performer of The Harp

and other Plucked and Bowed Instruments including:

Wire-Strung Harp

Celtic Folk Harp

Baroque Guitar

Classical Guitar

Viola da Gamba


Mountain Dulcimer

Specializing in Tunes from the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque eras, as well as Celtic Music, Jay has also arranged modern compositions for the Harp by artists including The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Sting.

A solo Concert with Jay Michaels can include Classical, Renaissance, Baroque, Medieval & Celtic Music featuring 3 different Harps,  and can also include Baroque Guitar, Classical Guitar & Dulcimer:

Celtic Folk Harp - Similar in sound to the Orchestral Concert Harp, but smaller and easier to transport. Suitable for Classical, Celtic and Early Music.

Wire strung Harp - This instrument is inspired by the traditional Irish Harp. It is strung with wire and produces a beautiful bell-like sound. Perfect for Celtic Music.

Gothic Harp - This instrument was built in 1976 by Ansel Westover. It is a modern interpretation of the Harps used in 15th & 16th centuries in Europe. Strung with wire, this Harp produces a rich sound suitable for Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque Music.

Baroque Guitar - Made by Paul Hoogeveen, Hudson, Massachusetts. This Instrument is based on designs found in the workshop of Stradivarius. Perfect for Renaissance and Baroque Music.


Viola da Gamba- 

Jay plays both the Tenor & Bass Viola da Gamba.

Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque and Celtic Music can be played upon the Viola da Gamba. The instrument descended from Early Renaissance Guitars. It has 6 gut strings and tied-on gut frets. The sound is compared to the Cello, but "reedier".

Mountain Dulcimer -  This handmade instrument is a descendant of the French Renaissance Epinette, and Swedish instruments such as The Hummel.  It can be plucked or bowed and can be used for Celtic and Early Music.


To contact Jay Michaels email  harper_minstrel@yahoo.com


Jay's Harp playing has enhanced several Television programs including MARVEL/NETFLIX'S Daredevil, ABC's Nashville & Secrets and Lies, NBC's Parenthood & Parks And Recreation, Fox's Lie To Me, & Rosewood, the HBO Series Hung and the WIGS web-series PALOMA.
 His Music also appears in the Independent Films How To Be A Latin Lover and Baby Baby Baby.

His fluid style and passionate playing have earned him praise from both audiences and fellow musicians alike.

Jay's most recent solo CD is a collection of Instrumental Renaissance and Baroque Music pieces entitled TO THINE OWN HARP BE TRUE.

In 2011 he released the acclaimed New Age Harp album OPENING THE HARP CHAKRA. 

     Jay's has also produced a guided meditation CD featuring the Irish Harp called:            


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Jay and Abby Michaels are members of
Early Music America

 Jay Michaels is a member of

The Historical Harp Society

The Viola da Gamba Society

The Harper and The Minstrel

have appeared at many North American Venues including:

Maryland Renaissance Festival

Florida Renaissance Festival

Boston Early Music Festival

 Sterling Renaissance Festival

Ohio Renaissance Festival

UMass Center for Renaissance Studies

 Southern California Pleasure Faire

 New York Renaissance Faire

 Georgia Renaissance Festival

Kansas City Renaissance Festival

 Hoggetowne Medieval Faire

 Great Lakes Medieval Faire

 Connecticut Renaissance Faire

King Richard's Faire

New Bedford Folk Festival

First Congregational Church of Yarmouth

 Phoenix Faerie Festival

 ICONS Irish Festival

 Dundee NY Scottish Festival

Cape Cod Cultural Center

 Boston Green Fest

   Soule Homestead Folk Festival

 Taunton River Folk Festival

 South Shore Folk Music Club 

 Boston Spring Flower Show

and more